A List Of Up-To-Date Dissertation Topics On Technology

Thinking of up-to-date dissertation topics on technology can be tricky. In time you will understand that thinking of a title is extremely easy, and could also be interesting. Take your time when thinking of a good quality title, since there is no reason to rush yourself. Read this article get some useful information. With this in mind here are some up-to-date dissertation topics on technology.

  1. Why should humans not create an artificial intelligent computer?
  2. Why should humans create an artificial intelligent computer?
  3. How has technology changed the world?
  4. The history of computers
  5. How can we use technology in science?
  6. How do quantum computers benefit the world?
  7. How has the internet changed the world?
  8. How has technology advanced the past century?
  9. How has technology advanced the past decade?
  10. What are the long term effects of living in a world that has advanced technology?
  11. What will the future of technology look like in the next century?
  12. How will technology change our lives in the next century?
  13. Should we genetically modify livestock, could this solve hunger problems?
  14. Does technology make people more lazy? If so in what ways?
  15. Should piracy websites exist or should they be taken down?
  16. What are the more important technologies out there that can solve global problems?
  17. What technology was used in the NASA Apollo missions?
  18. How has technology influenced us in everyday life?
  19. What are the advantages of owing a computer?
  20. What are the negatives of owing a computer?
  21. How can technology help people with disabilities?
  22. What are the negatives of playing computer games for long periods of time?
  23. How do social media sites bring people closer?
  24. The history of mobile phones
  25. Can computers weaken your eyesight?

These are some topics that you can use. Take your time thinking of a title that you like, because you are going to enjoy writing it a lot more. Picking a title that you already have knowledge about is a big advantage, since you have to do less research on the project. However, you can pick a topic that you have no clue about and do the research that is required.