13 Unique Undergraduate Dissertation Topics In Linguistics

Writing your undergrad dissertation will take a lot of work, but with your experience so far in linguistics, it shouldn’t be too hard. The first step is to find the right topic. Being unsure about what you want to write about can be hard to get over, but once you figure it out, the rest comes a lot easier. Linguistics isn’t something that everybody is interested in, but with enough passion for the subject, you will have a lot to write on for this thesis.

Topic ideas for linguistics writing

Here are some topics that can get you started. Feel free to brainstorm more from this list, or use any of them as they are. If you’re not sure where to start, it’s a good idea to ask a friend or talk to your dissertation advisor about a topic idea.

  1. Grammatical relations and case marking in Polynesian
  2. Processing and cue weighting in learning a second language
  3. Extant translations of Icelandic from Middle English
  4. Modern Greek hiatus
  5. Phonology in Hungarian
  6. Turkish syntax issues
  7. Influence of Spanish on Tz’utujil Maya numbering system
  8. How verb semantics influence Korean syntax
  9. Studying V-concatenation and lexical rules in Japanese
  10. Ellipsis and relativization
  11. Morphology in Ojibwe
  12. A comparison between Japanese and Korean
  13. Syntactic change between medieval and modern Greek

Think about why you started studying linguistics in the first place. Is there one aspect of languages or one particular language that sparked your interest? If so, that’s a great place to start your thesis topic. What are some of the past assignments and projects you’ve worked on in your university classes that were a lot of fun or meaningful to you? Your professors are going to look for that passion in your words, and not only will you create a better quality piece of writing, but it will be easier to do when it seems fun!

While writing this undergraduate thesis on linguistics, you should remember to schedule your time wisely. Even with the best topic, if you procrastinate, it can be hard to complete the work on item. There are students who are very talented and passionate about their work but just put it off, and end up with nothing to show for their time. Make sure you are prioritizing your writing, so that you can finish a brilliant piece of work.