List Of 12 Catchy Topics For A Dissertation About Autism

Autism is a serious decease that affects a lot of people around the word, and its consequences are every year more severe. Writing a good paper about autism means that you are willing to read a lot of books about the subject, but also inform yourself trough unorthodox media channels. It is a subject that is very intriguing for science so it is normal that scientific breakthroughs are present every day.

Writing about this subject also requires for you to have a high level of empathy, because it will probably mean that you will have to do interviews and do research about these people that are very sensitive and often misunderstood by both science and society. So here are some great topics for a dissertation about autism.

  1. Never-ending battle: The silent treatment and the scrutiny that a person with autism goes trough
  2. Learning from the ones that are not like us, they are far more better than us
  3. Chasing the cure or breaking the bad stereotypes: Should autism be regarded at as a decease
  4. Obstacles for learning the truth about autism: How much can we really learn with the modern science
  5. Socialization and the stigmata of being autistic: Is child suffering more or the family
  6. How we would all be better off if we were just a little more autistic
  7. Desperation of being a different kind of human: How people with autism go through depression
  8. Society and the legalization of the experimental drugs that can help people who suffer from autism
  9. Cure behind the decease: Can autism help us with figuring out how social behavior works
  10. Sad truth about medicine and sociology: A century of not caring about people that are genius, just a different kind
  11. DNA and the genes in autistic cases of children that had great talent in mathematics
  12. Best and worst stereotypes that can destroy the life of an autistic person

When writing about autism, bear in mind that most of the people that have it, or their families, are usually not willing to talk about it, because it is a difficult decease, with no cure. You will probably have to take a class with the psychologist that can explain to you how you should talk and behave in front of a person that has autism. They are not dangerous by any means, it is quite the opposite – they can feel in danger from you.