The Top 25 Up-To-Date Dissertation Topics In Anaesthesiology

  • A comparative study into the effectiveness of using variable dosage of intravenous fluid used during a transurethral resection of the prostrate to prevent hyponatremia.
  • A study into the results of the performance of Nurse anaesthetists in National Board Certification Exams.
  • The development of a model of Anaesthesiology Care (during and post operative) that can be provided by Physicians and Nurses.
  • Research into the effect of the use of PCA (patient controlled analgesia) with young patients (under 15) who have undergone hip replacement.
  • The impact of using an early tracheotomy (in comparison to a late one) on patients who have suffered a severe head injury.
  • The effect of using a lighter state of anaesthetic (with a spinal block) as opposed to a full general anaesthetic on the recovery and immediate mobility after hip replacement.
  • Quality of care and patient satisfaction after anaesthesia has been delivered within an office-based surgery.
  • Research in the effect of bio-feedback prior to surgery and its correlation to the reported post-opt recovery.
  • The effectiveness of a rectally administered pre-medication in comparison to an orally administered pre-medication in young children.
  • The positive effect of music-therapy as a tool to reduce sedation and cortisol levels in patients undergoing lower limb arthroscopic procedure under spinal anaesthesia.
  • An evaluation into the use and effectiveness of a bacteriostatic heat and moisture exchanger in comparison to a non- bacteriostatic exchanger.
  • A study in to the factors that influence parental anxiety and satisfaction if they are allowed to be present during administration of anaesthesia to their child.
  • Study into the effectiveness of the percutaneous nerve stimulation for the performance and education of the peripheral nerve block administration.
  • A comparative study on the prevention of pain by the use of propofol injection of Novocaine; pethidine; dexamethasone and placebo.
  • A study based on the 2002 paper “Maternal hypo-tension and epidural anaesthesia for Caesarean section”.
  • Research into the possible current need for anaesthesia during and MRI scan and the possibility of designing and monitoring its protocols.
  • A study to determine the selection criteria and academic progression for doctors who express an interest in becoming anaesthetists.
  • A Comparative study in to the use of epidural anaesthesia for caesarean patients with pregnancy induced hypertension.
  • An evaluation of the use of epidural tramadol and its effects on the duration of the need for postoperative analgesia in urological surgical patients.
  • A study into the prevention of postoperative nausea and vomiting in patients undergoing a laproscopic cholecystectomy (a randomised, double-blind placebo-controlled study).
  • A comparative study into the effects of the use of pre-operative low dose ketamine infusion on postoperative males and females.
  • A comparative study into the efficiency of graisetron as opposed to droperidsol as a preventative of postoperative nausea and vomiting.
  • Research into the advantages of using tramadol as a wound filtration in children comparison to bupivacaine.
  • An evaluation into the use of sedation monitors that are used during conscious sedation procedures during a colonoscopy.
  • The effectiveness of bi-spectral monitoring as a tool for predicting the recovery time following a procedure that was performed under conscious sedation.
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