22 Great Ideas For Your Dissertation In Developmental Psychology

When constructing a dissertation, a student is required to select a topic in the relevant field, then construct a research plan and conduct investigative activities, all with the intention of presenting a fully comprehensive paper on the particular subject in question.

While the selection of a topic may seem trivial, it is an important step in the process of completing your dissertation successfully. Many attributes of a topic contribute to an author’s ability to successfully complete the task, most important may be the researcher’s familiarity with the topic, as well as available information.

The following is a list of 22 suitable topic ideas for creating a dissertation in psychology:

  1. The genesis of fear of the dark in human children and what evolutionary purpose it could have served.
  2. How sex hormones affect brain development during puberty and into adulthood
  3. Does the latency stage described by Sigmund Freud depend on cultural input?
  4. Should very intelligent or genius level children be given greater autonomy?
  5. Becoming human: how feral children defy the odds when reintegrated into society
  6. Where babies come from: age appropriate sex education from toddlerhood onward.
  7. Religion and the development of morality in infants
  8. Supernatural beliefs of non religious children over the lifespan
  9. Normalizing violence for children through television, movies and games
  10. Are neuro typical children truly better at learning than their adult counterparts or is this a myth perpetuated by lack of understanding?
  11. Does Freud’s theory of Psycho-Sexual development still hold weight or has recent developments in the field affected his relevance?
  12. Does an active sex life help diminish risks of memory loss in older adults?
  13. Have newborn babies become more alert in modern times or are we more attentive?
  14. What makes a person qualify for consideration as an adult by today’s standards?
  15. Have economic crises lengthened the term of childhood in Western culture?
  16. The effects of obesity on mental health in teenage boys over time
  17. How does delaying motherhood affect a woman’s parenting skills and the subsequent development of the child?
  18. Should more men be encouraged to get in touch with their inner child?
  19. Is the process of natural aging becoming more taboo over time?
  20. How would an immortal society deal with the issues of scarcity?
  21. How do worldwide tragedies affect the development of sufferers and observers?
  22. Are traditional societies more in tune with the process of aging?