Is It Worth Turning To A Cheap Dissertation Editing Company?

It’s your dissertation. It’s the paper that probably means more to your academic career than anything else you’ve done thus far. This is the crowning jewel in your educational crown. Is it something you want second-rate work done? Is it something that you want to make the best you possibly can?

What does an editing company do?

Editing is much more than merely proofreading for a few spelling mistakes. If you aren’t sure what else is involved in the process, the following list should give you some idea of what a good editor will look for:

  • Careful review of the paper
  • Make sure thesis statement or research questions are clearly stated
  • All of the sentences and paragraphs flow smoothly from one to the next
  • Transition sentences are working properly
  • Inner logic of the paper is clear and laid out properly so the reader can understand it
  • Verifying the fundamentals of the content of the paper
  • Insert questions or comments for you to read and make a decision as to whether or not you approve of the changes
  • All formatting style guidelines as set out by the style guide you are required to follow
  • Mechanical corrections including proper word usage, spelling, punctuation, tense agreement, proper plurals, etc.

Why choose a high quality editing company?

So you see, a good editing job is important. A paper that has great content but multiple logic or semantic errors will not get a good grade nor make a good impression. However, get a good editor to go over the paper and it can take it from mediocre to stellar. Imagine your supervisor or committee reading your dissertation and stumbling over spelling or grammar mistakes continually? It will be rejected! Now imagine the opposite scenario: your supervisor and committee reading through your great content and not tripping over an error, even once?

Which would you rather have? It truly is worthwhile for the small fee to get a good editing company to look over your paper. Choosing a cheap one can end up being a waste of your money. Good companies hire writers and editors who are native English speaking. This means they know the details of the language and are very familiar with the rules.

A good editor helps you to refine your writing. A professional editing can teach you a lot too, so you know what to look for in your own writing.