Handpicked PhD Thesis Topics Related To Management

In today’s world management is something everyone requires. Any particular firm or organization can’t function without a managing board. Even schools need a unit that manages the functions. A person with a degree in management would know how best to handle the affairs so as to bring best results for the firm or company concerned. Management now has many diverse fields of study. A lot of research can be conducted in the field of management. The research you conduct should be of aid to others in the field. It is no use choosing a topic that others have researched on already. When you are doing your doctoral thesis on management the topic should be contemporary, useful and novel.

Here are some you can choose from while doing a PhD research on management.

  1. Study the structure of the management by the entrepreneur in a business that is owned by a particular family. Also elucidate on the kind of management strategies that are adopted by such companies.
  2. A study of the how the medium sized firms give managerial powers to an employee as a strategy to keep them in the company. Detail on the role of the entrepreneur in such a situation. Also state the problems such firms might face with this system.
  3. Consider the type of management that is prevalent in the mining sector. Base your studies on one particular mining organization and detail on its management structure.
  4. A study of the charitable organizations that give managerial powers to its stock holders. State what problems might arise with such a management.
  5. A detail study of the managerial structure that is prevalent in the hospitality industry in a particular country. You can restrict your study to the structures of the typical bed and breakfast units.
  6. Many schools have disorganized managements. Elucidate on the given statement with your research. Show the tendency of schools to absorb senior teachers into the management board of the school.
  7. A study into the kind of management structure that is found in the partnership firms. Do the partners lose harmony in terms of managerial decisions? What are the strategies adopted?
  8. A study of the management structure of the shipping industry. Does the structure vary from company to company? Presentation of case studies proving the statement.
  9. Does the management of a company make or break it?