Step-By-Step Instructions On How To Create A Law Dissertation Abstract

The law dissertation abstract is basically the first impression of your dissertation. As many have heard in the past, the first impression of anything is extremely important. It is going to determine if your reader wants to even consider reading the rest of your dissertation. It is also the only thing some people will be able to read because they don’t have enough time. The abstract is placed immediately after your title page and your goal when writing this is to try to get your reader to continue reading your thesis in its entirety. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to create a law dissertation abstract:

  1. Understand that your abstract is only between 150 and 300 words so you must plan every word carefully. You must understand that you have to convince someone to want to read your lengthy dissertation with these few words so they must be carefully written.
  2. There is a ton of information you will need to put in the abstract in very few words. The following information needs to be included in the abstract:
    • Your thesis statement, how you are going to prove your thesis, what kind of experiments or special projects were included, your findings and results of your experiments, your conclusions and your recommendations All of this has to carefully crammed into 150-300 words.
  3. Once you have given your thesis statement, you want to explain to your readers what the importance of your study is and try to get your reader interested in reading the entire work.
  4. The experiments and projects will also interest some of your audience. Try to be specific by saying who was involved in your procedures.
  5. Most importantly, your abstract must include your findings or your results. Unfortunately, some people may only be able to read your abstract and this is extremely important for them to know. If others want to use your work for their own research, they will need to know this information as well.
  6. Recommendations are also something that may entice your reader to peruse your dissertation. The importance of this thesis and what you found may be just what they want and the abstract will tell them. Definitive statistics should also be included and will impress your audience as well.

Remember, your abstract is going to try to hook your reader into reading your thesis. Many sites are on the internet that can give you more detailed information on how to do this.