23 Compelling Dissertation Topics On Homeopathy

Medicine is an important aspect of the civilized world and it has significant impact on the population of humans, worldwide. Throughout human history, we have devised many methods of treating our ailments, some more successful than others. While we have made significant progress in recent years, we have a long way to go before we fully master the art of medicine.

The study of homeopathy takes a very different approach to medical treatment and many people may question its safety. This subject is fertile ground for the creation of many, impacting, dissertation ideas. Consider the following list of 23 compelling dissertation topics on homeopathy:

  1. Why modern medicine is failing us and there is nothing we can do about it.
  2. Alternative sources of medicine and the reasons for developing them.
  3. The effect of highly synthesized drugs on the environment.
  4. Allergies and how they affects a person’s ability to take regular medications.
  5. The fear of being killed by a miscalculation by a pharmaceutical specialist.
  6. Natural treatments and their benefits over pharmaceutical.
  7. Who uses homeopathic therapy the most and why do they prefer this type of treatment, over conventional medicine?
  8. What is the benefit of using natural treatments over artificial ones.
  9. Nature is a pharmacy that we should all patronize yet so few have any knowledge of the benefits that can be acquired from natural sources.
  10. Homeopathy is very similar to vaccination and is a sound approach to good health.
  11. How to acquire proper homeopathic treatment without risking injury.
  12. The birth of homeopathy and the situations surrounding its discovery as a viable medical treatment.
  13. How to determine the right dilutions that should be used in treatments to maintain safety and effectiveness.
  14. The risk of receiving homeopathic treatment while involved in other medical programs.
  15. The problems faced by persons who would like to receive homeopathic treatments, but their medical facilities do not allow for it.
  16. Cases where homeopathic treatment went seriously wrong and put the patient’s life at risk.
  17. How controlled is the market proving homeopathic medicines, are consumers safe from accidental overdoses and miss use?
  18. What is the evidence to support the effectiveness of homeopathic treatments over conventional medicines?
  19. Do native tribes have any knowledge of homeopathic treatment methods and plants?
  20. What are the major uses of homeopathic treatment in traditional medicine?
  21. What injuries improve the most as a result of homeopathy?
  22. Is there any proof that homeopathic treatment success is not a placebo effect?
  23. What are the most popular ailments treated with homeopathy?