Dissertation Topics On Social Media: 20 Hot Questions

Social media has become a way of life for many people and it’s prevalence around the world has transformed information sharing. Everything from sharing personal information to spreading breaking news occurs on social media. Writing a dissertation about social media is certainly become an option for a number of disciplines (e.g., communications, political science, business, etc.). Here are 20 hot questions for you to consider for your graduate dissertation project:

  1. In what ways has social media changed to democratic process of electing government leaders in countries that do not censor the use of the technology?
  2. What technological advancements can we expect to see in upcoming years that will transform or replace social media as we know it today?
  3. Do you believe that rogue hacker groups who are destroying the social media presence of terrorists should be prosecuted by governments if caught?
  4. Do you think children should be allowed to have a presence on this new platform of information sharing, especially in light of hidden dangers?
  5. How are hackers and identity thieves using this information sharing technology to conduct their illegal activities?
  6. Was it inevitable that social media and the internet has open the door for the dark net and have allowed several people to conduct highly illegal activities?
  7. Do you believe social media will eventually constrict most forms of human interaction and inadvertently cause an evolution in human species?
  8. In which ways has social media and information sharing changed military operations in highly-populated areas around the world?
  9. How has marketing and advertising changed because of open communication and reaching mass population through social media?
  10. Do you think social media applications should be banned at all middle school and high schools regardless of free periods or lunchtime activities?
  11. Should colleges and universities have stricter policies on social media use in the classroom or during study hall periods?
  12. Does a using social media and communication technology make people less intelligent in that there is less critical thought?
  13. How has the rise of social media transformed the way youth are bullied by their classmates? Consider cyberbullying in your essay.
  14. How has social media and customer use changed the way business brand their products and retain customers?
  15. Should more colleges and universities embrace social media and information sharing in order to encourage participation from students?
  16. Consider the increasing use of social media to communicate news stories on the spot. Do you think this makes people less or more engaging?
  17. Do you think there will be a time when newsprint and local television media becomes obsolete giving way to faster communication of news through social media technologies?
  18. Do candidates for government offices effectively use social media technology to spread their message and gain support from voters?
  19. How have business responded to the high use of social media to advertise and maintain a connection with the public?
  20. Do you think the next advancement in social media will affect the way people communicate with one another on a day to day basis?