Writing A Brilliant Dissertation Proposal In Nursing: 5 Helpful Hints

When you need to take a doctoral degree, you have to write a crisp and definitive dissertation in any subject of choice. Before that, you have to deliver a proposal marking what you wish to write on and how much time you will take.

Ability to convince

Through the proposal, your ability to convince laymen on the topical theme is adjudged and through that, the meat and prowess of your topical theme and your grasp on it comes out. If you err here, you won’t get the green signal from the instructor for the major paper.

While writing the proposal on nursing, you may take support from the following hints –

  1. Checking out healthcare centers – You should check a few major healthcare centers and assess their working schedule and limitations. You should accordingly carve your proposal. You should offer ways of improving scopes on feasible lines. Do not take a far-fetched route.
  2. Firm research – You should check out genuine resources and do diligent research on how breakthroughs have been gained in certain spheres while certain spheres remain untouched. You can then touch upon the plight of the untouched regime and offer suggestions to better the trend there. Again, your ideas should be largely tenable.
  3. Discussing with qualified nurses – You should conduct discussion with qualified nurses as to the communication they have with their doctors and seniors. You should ask them about job satisfaction; scope of rise; working conditions, options for bettering therapies, et al. thereby, you will be able to sketch a personal touch into the proposal.
  4. Pointing limitations – You may proceed by pointing at the obstacles in nursing paths. Medical negligence is one of the major obstacles. Lack of infrastructure is another. Infrequent training and lack of updated technology is yet another. You should then suggest ways to improve this sphere so that limitations and downsides may be worked upon.
  5. Tenderness personified – You can drive the point towards the soft corners. How you wish to give a new freshness to geriatric patients; terminally ill patients and mentally unstable patients. How nurses can grow out of their molds if they are given additional responsibility and encouraged to act on their instinct when the seniors are not present.

Passion and management

With these suggestions, you should be able to craft a wonderful nursing dissertation proposal. Of course, you have to insert your own passion into the piece to lend more emphasis to the theme. You should also remember to stick to the time duration.