Recommendations On How To Write A Dissertation Step By Step

The dissertation is unlike any other piece of writing that students will encounter. It is because of this lack of familiarity that many individuals have a difficult time getting started. But below you will find recommendations on how to write a dissertation step by step:

  • Step One:
  • Get a calendar and start marking out your due dates. The sooner you start on this long endeavor the better off you will be. Because it is such a long project you will need to be careful about your planning and scheduling such that you will be required to set multiple goals for yourself. You should create a working schedule which includes milestones for the completion of each major requirement including the selection/approval of your topic, the creation of your title, the research, note taking, and all of the chapter writing.

  • Step Two:
  • Make appointments to check with your advisor on a regular basis for approval and edits to each of your chapters. You should note that they are just as busy as you are and their schedule should be taken into account as well. You might want to work it out so that you send them one completed chapter on a Thursday, giving them the weekend to look it over, and then meet with them the following Monday for revisions and edits. Find a schedule that works for both of you.

  • Step Three:
  • Select your topic and submit it for approval. Figure out which methods you want to use and complete your dissertation proposal, if it is a requirement. Once you have approval for this, you can begin the actual research and writing.

  • Step Four:
  • Take copious notes as you research and write down all bibliographic information which corresponds to the work. You will save yourself a lot of time if, at the end of each study session, you transcribe all reference material to a single reference document so that you don’t have to worry about it at the end.

  • Step Five:
  • You should make a work schedule with a minimum number of words required of you each day, when you are writing. By having these deadlines, they smaller goals, you can make sure that your final deadline is met with ease.

  • Step Six:
  • When you edit your work, never delete anything entirely. If you want to take something out, cut it and paste it into another document. You never know when you might want to put it back.