Creating A Clear And Concise Nursing Dissertation Title

Many students treat paper titles as little more than an afterthought—throwing something together at the last minute before submitting it. This is even true with nursing dissertation titles. In reality though, your title should add value to your paper, giving your reader a clear idea what it is going to entail, and enticing potential readers into picking it up.

Follow this easy advice to create a clear and concise nursing dissertation title:

  • Make the topic of your research clear
  • Your title should make the topic of your research clear. Particularly in a field such as nursing it is important to be as specific as possible with your topic, indicating what field of medicine it falls under, as well as the particular disease, condition, or treatment that it explores.

  • Make the scope of your research clear
  • It is also important to make the scope of your research clear. If your paper only deals with a certain demographic or a certain time period, that information should be included in the title. This will help readers to decide quickly whether it is relevant to what they are looking for, and it will help other researchers to assess where work as already been done and where it needs to be done.

  • Indicate whether it is an experimental study
  • Your paper may be experimental research or it may be a literature review. Either way, your paper’s title should make it clear which it is. This can be accomplished with phrases such as ‘experimental findings’ or ‘a literature survey of…’

  • State the main findings
  • The best paper titles are able to incorporate a very condensed thesis statement in them to give your reader a sense of what that paper’s main finding was. In the case of nursing, this could be done using the phrase ‘an effective treatment’ or ‘an escalating problem’. This can be one of the most challenging things to include in a title because it means condensing your thesis statement down to just a few words.

  • Use searchable keywords
  • These days most readers will access your paper through searching an internet database. This means that you should try to include good searchable keywords in the title, to help them access your paper more easily. The easiest way to decide what the best keywords are is to ask some of your fellow students what they would search for to find a paper like yours. Then try to incorporate some of those words.