Formatting A Dissertation Conclusion: 4 General Rules

Every successful dissertation writing must end with a conclusion. However, different people have different ways of accomplishing this demand. If you adopt the right format, your work will earn you great points. Nonetheless, if you do not know how to do this effectively, then you might end up with the wrong thing. With regards to this, here are 4 general rules to keep you on the course.

  • Restate the points
  • Your thesis statement is developed by opinions, ideas and arguments that are drawn from the research sources. All of these points have to be mentioned in this section briefly without going into too much details. Follow the order of their presentation by employing appropriate connections. It is important to note that, no new idea should be mentioned which you are certain to have failed to mention in the first place. It is also important to avoid repetition so that you can maintain originality.

  • Recommendations
  • Every writer must have opinions or ideas which he or she can propose to be implemented by the target audience. These should focus on the subject matter and should be relevant to the discipline. Employ appropriate keywords that will give you the correct statements. Shun from recommending things that are inapplicable but cohere to being realistic. You should have conducted a prior exploration of the question for you to know the best recommendations to give.

  • Maintain brevity
  • When composing an ending to any given paper, you need to be brief and precise. Longer paragraphs give negative impression to the readers since you are unable to summarize the information efficaciously. It is advisable that you should not jot more than a single paragraph. Adhere to writing up to five or six lines for the review and a list of recommendations numbered in their order of importance. If you find that you have written excess words, read through your work and eliminate those that are irrelevant.

  • Take a stand
  • Every writer should be able to give sufficient points to the side which he or she supports. You cannot complete our essay without taking a position if one of the requirements calls for it. In this case, the points should be more elevated to the side that favors the writer. For instance, if you have seven points for both sides, give four or five to the side that you have chosen and the other three to the opposite side. Do not give equal number of points unless otherwise stated.