Coming Up With Interesting Dissertation Ideas For A Geology Class

A major task to be completed prior to getting a terminal degree in Geology is the dissertation. It is something every graduate student has to address, and the lot of thought needs to go into it. The central idea of your dissertation is the first step. There are a number of ways to identify it.

  • Concentrate on Your Area of Interest. This might be environmental geology, or perhaps petroleum geology. It is essential you look in topic areas where you have an inclination. The worst action is to look for ideas in places totally strange to you.
  • Create a List. You need to have more than one option. The reason being your first idea may not have enough background material. You will be going over the ideas with your academic advisor. Among the topics on your list may be one which your advisor has a great deal of information about. You already have decided the list has ideas you are interested in. Combining your interest with your adviser’s knowledge is going to make the whole process much easier.
  • Investigate the Internet. By doing a search, you will discover many sites, including ours, which have suggestions you can elaborate on as a dissertation idea. Be sure that the title you choose is original to you. Copying someone else’s notion is not going to be of much help to you.
  • Double Check on the Background Research. This is part of the literature review and a preliminary check is a smart idea. If there is enough existing research to allow you to further expand on it, so much the better for you.
  • Do the Process of Elimination. You ultimately must make a decision on the idea and therefore narrow your list to do more than three topics. Pick one as your idea and hold the other two in reserve. You may discover as you begin the process your original idea is meeting a dead end. You can switch to one of the other ideas right away, allowing you to continue.

Do not hesitate to carefully look at Internet sites or inspiration. Our own platform has a number of possibilities you may want to consider. Remember that “interesting” is a key concept in your idea search. Geology can be a horribly dry subject and you want people to be a bit curious of what you have researched and written. A bit of investigation will uncover what you need to get started down the road.