Creating A Sociology Dissertation Title: Fresh Ideas For High School

Sociology is a common class for college and high school students. This field is designed to make students think about the bigger picture and use research to back up a specific point. At some point in their studies, students may be expected to write a sociology dissertation. Before the student begins, they should start by looking at the different titles available for them.

Choosing a Title

Initially, students can begin by brainstorming different topics. They may want to use their course materials, look for ideas online or ask their teacher for help. Before the student can even begin the researching process, they must have a general idea about the topic of the dissertation. Although the title can be adjusted later on, the student needs to have a clear idea about what they plan on writing about. Once the student has chosen a title, they can begin to research, outline and write their sociology dissertation. Students can use the following ideas to get started on the brainstorming process.

Sociology Dissertation Ideas for High School

  1. What is stigma management and how does it relate to the modern field of sociology?
  2. How is cultural apathy demonstrated in modern American or British culture?
  3. How is the theory of rationalism as proposed by Webber applicable to the United Kingdom?
  4. Do the sins of the parents actually impact their children's future in life?
  5. How has cultural invasion impacted the world?
  6. How do race and gender differences remain a threat in the modern world?
  7. How are British and American popular cultures different?
  8. What impact does becoming separated from caretakers during the teenage years have on mental health?
  9. How does alcoholism or substance abuse impact the children in the family?
  10. What is a process model for the task of arresting homeless individuals?
  11. Religious orthodoxy is a basis for the government and culture in many Islamic nations. What impact does this have on the people who live there? Is it a positive or negative factor?
  12. Is the global population becoming more aware about environmental issues as time goes on?
  13. What is Marx's conflict theory and how is it applicable to the modern world?
  14. How is gender portrayed differently in Hispanic and American cultures? What impact does this have on immigrants who are trying to fit in within the United States?
  15. What are some of the subcultures in Britain and the United States? How do these differ from each other?
  16. What are some of the positives and negatives associated with a live-in relationship?
  17. How does marital satisfaction levels change from the first years of marriage to eventual parenthood?