A Manual On Writing A PhD Dissertation Abstract In Physiology

Before one is certified for a PhD in physiology, he or she must craft a good dissertation paper which should follow the correct format. A poorly written paper will make you earn the lowest marks. Therefore, there is need to have prior knowledge that can guide you in the course of your writing. Below is a manual to guide you on crafting a PhD dissertation abstract.

  • Prewriting
  • In this section, one takes time to prepare prior to the writing. He or she should conduct sufficient research about the given topic from various books, journals, magazines and websites. This information should then be noted down on a clean piece of paper. Prior to writing, it is also significant to draw an outline on how you shall arrange your work and be certain to adhere to it.

  • Craft the title page
  • This is the first page of your dissertation paper. It should bear your name as the writer, name of your institution and the date of submission. Moreover, write the title of your paper in the correct font, font size and spacing.

  • The introduction
  • This is the first paragraph of your paper. It should clearly capture the thesis, which is the central idea you will be building on in the body of the text. To capture the interest of your readers, employ enchanting tone. Shun from using words with double meaning as these may confuse the readers and cause them to waste a lot of their productive time in trying to interpret.

  • Write the body
  • This is essentially the next three or four paragraphs of your text. They majorly build on the thesis sentence and try to qualify it. For each argument listed, one should support it with efficacious examples and relevant evidence from books. The reader should get the point that you have sufficiently apprehended the topic and you have a stand.

  • The conclusion
  • In this section, you have to review the key points captured in the body of the text. Avoid adding any new ideas that were not captured earlier as these may make it irrelevant. You can as well state your recommendations based on your discussion about the topic. This should basically be covered in a single paragraph.

  • Reference and citations
  • It is very necessary to refer your readers on where they can avail more information about the topic. The books you give should be relevant.

  • Proofreading
  • After you are done with everything, do not be in a hurry to submit your work. Take a few minutes to read through your work and correct the mistakes.