Environmental Science Dissertation Ideas: 25 Problems To Explore

Is it time for you to write an environmental science dissertation? Are you stressing out because you don’t know what topic to even choose, let alone know how to go about writing it? It’s very possible. In which case, you might want some help.

When selecting your dissertation topic, you should pick a subject that you feel passionate towards and which you already know something about.

Write down different ideas and clearly think through each one before dismissing some ideas for others.

Remember that there are a vast number of subjects with environmental science that you could choose, so have a good look at each area of expertise and explore the different avenues they offer. Make plenty of notes as you research the topics and it won’t be long before you’ve arrived at the right subject matter for you.

Here are 25 problems to explore as ideas for your environmental science dissertation:

  • How do we solve overpopulation?
  • Hydrology’s impact on the environment.
  • How can we solve issues arising from intensive farming?
  • The possible impact of nanotechnology on the environment.
  • The reality of global warming.
  • Is global cooling an issue to be concerned with?
  • How to end habitat destruction.
  • Decreasing nuclear and radiation accidents.
  • The concerns and controversies of genetically modified food.
  • The exploitation of natural resources.
  • The rising problem of smog: how can we prevent further air pollution?
  • Oil spills’ impact on water pollution.
  • Consumer capitalism’s role in resource depletion.
  • The impact of overfishing.
  • The problems of electronic waste.
  • The impact of illegal logging.
  • Soil contamination.
  • The impact of hydraulic fracturing.
  • Environmental problems that arise from war.
  • Urban heat islands.
  • Toxic heavy metals.
  • The environmental impact from reservoirs.
  • Creating greener energy.
  • The future of electric cars.
  • The problems of invasive species.

Those are just a few to get you thinking. If you need to explore more examples, you will be able to easily find lists of topics and various ideas online. Have a look around at different websites and interact on social networks and forums to find out what other students have used as their subjects.

You can also find plenty of student papers in your campus library archives. It’s always a good idea to see which topics are chosen the most and which ones spark interest. Remember, as good as it can be to go with a hot topic, like nuclear energy for instance, you don’t want to just repeat the same old information and theories. The more you can come at things from an original perspective, the better your essay should be.