A Brief Introduction To Literature Review Dissertation Writing

There are many different styles and structures that can be used when it comes to writing various academic essays. In fact, many of the different structures that students have to use will depend on their age and, more importantly, what stage of their education they are currently at.

For example, a student who is in their early teens or younger may simply be required to write a relatively basic three or five paragraph essay. Alternatively, a student who is in college or university will be expected to write a more comprehensive piece of work. For example, when it comes to the end of a student’s studies whilst at university, there will often be the need to write a dissertation.

Ultimately, a dissertation is a comprehensive piece of work which will involve many weeks or months of preparation and writing. In fact, some students will spend a great deal of their final year preparing their dissertation. One of the reasons that the paper takes so long to write is because it requires a considerable amount of research.

As well as different structures, it is worth noting that there are different styles of academic paper as well. For example, a literature review is a particular style which will involve the need to analyze various aspects of a piece of literature, so as to provide an educated opinion about the piece of work. In fact, whilst some of the review will be made up of subjective opinions, much of it should be based upon objective evidence.

Carrying out the research

If you are doing a review for a particular piece of literature then part of your research will of course involve reading the literature. However, there were further things you can do in order to learn more about the topic that you will be discussing. For example, you can read other relevant works, including any literature that may have been written by the same author, or literature that has been written by authors who write in the same genre, or who wrote during the same era.

As well as reading further literature, it can be useful to look at any of the studies that other people have done, so as to provide second opinions that can back up any points that you wish to make. In fact, you can also include contradictory studies, which you can then disagree with based on any evidence that you provide.